The mindfulness app that saves time and effort

Have you tried meditation but struggled to make time? We invented a way for you to get mindful without interrupting your day. Maintain mindful focus while you use your laptop as usual. Then, you will be in the best state of mind to grow through our meditations.

How it works: 3 minute of meditation to get started

Stay on any task
Instant meditation when you need it
Guided meditation for lasting improvement
Stay on any task

Lumiate gently pulses the hue of your screen while you do anything on your computer. Constant and gentle, the pulse fades into your unconscious as you work. As your brain adapts to see your screen normally, your task occupies more bandwidth, limiting the ability of distractions to occupy your attention.

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Instant meditation when you need it

When you lose focus on your task, you'll notice the light like you would the breath, bringing yourself back to your present task via mindfulness meditation. You'll know how after one three-minute guided meditation.

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Guided meditation for lasting improvement

Keep your mind calm throughout the day with the pulsing light. Then, you can spend your time meditating for the skills to stay mindful online and offline - inside and outside of meditation.

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Lumiate's Mindfulness Method

"Mindfulness is critical to combat the digital distractions which threaten to lower our attention-span and undermine our mental health. Lumiate’s new form of light-guided meditation works in the background to keep the mind calm and focused while you use your computer."

Gregory Seton, PhD

Greg received his PhD from the University of Oxford and teaches Meditation Theory at Dartmouth College.

"As a lifelong meditator, I was surprised at how much the Cycle enhanced my mindfulness as I work. Every time I notice the effect, I breathe deeper and relax. It’s great being able to infuse my work day with mindfulness."

Markus studied psychology at Michigan. A life-long practitioner of Buddhist and yoga meditation traditions, he adds an attuned perspective to the Lumiate in-app experience.

Markus Stobbs

"I always found meditation rewarding but found it difficult to practice when I needed it most. Studying under Dr. Seton while pursing an economics degree  inspired me to create something both mentally rewarding and practical."

James studied Economics at Dartmouth College, inventing the Cycle to make mindfulness therapy easy and efficient.

James Esch Duran

I use Lumiate when I'm looking to study, work, or just unwind. My ability to sustain focus has improved and I find that screen-time is less draining. Honestly, if you use a computer, you should give Lumiate a try.


I realize the importance of being mindful, but it's difficult in such a digital age. The pulsing light keeps me mindful during work, and Lumiate's meditations are the perfect break.


I tried Lumiate to help with anxiety and distraction outside of the office. Lumiate fades out of my awareness while I work but it reminds me to be mindful when I notice it. For the guided meditations, Lumiate is the first meditation app that I have used consistently.


I recently tried Lumiate and have enjoyed the benefits that meditation and mindfulness bring to my day. The software is super user friendly and customizable, allowing me to choose between different mindsets to run in the background, and I can access a library of guided meditations. I have seen great improvement in my ability to maintain balance and focus thanks to the program and am confident that anybody can have the same success as an amateur like me.

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